3 Developments Revolutionizing Event Marketing

This is the first post on this blog and it is a cross post from my other blog Tsunami Wisdom. I will confine The Binder posts to information that is essential and specific to meeting professionals on topics about marketing and technology. I encourage to post your comments so that I may continually refine The Binder to your benefit. You can also subscribe via email or RSS. Thanks!

Management of Complexity

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I am honored to be selected as a speaker at the upcoming Virginia Chapter of Meeting Professionals annual conference taking place in Hampton, Virginia in August. Whenever I am speaking at events, I endeavor to deliver information that is actionable for greater success.

It is a very exciting time for meeting professionals for a variety of reasons.

  1. After a disastrous 2009, corporate meetings and events are coming back and are once again seen as vital to business success.
  2. With the explosion in mobile platforms, more and more technologies are becoming available to assist meeting professionals on a variety of levels.
  3. The increasing use of Strategic Meeting Management (SMM)
It is for these reasons that I want to apply my expertise in marketing and technology. I began my hospitality career in 1974 and have been involved in it one or another since then. Over that time, I have also been very fortunate to be active in the meeting industry as well. The two have a very dynamic yet symbiotic relationship. Marketing and technology are areas in which the two have nearly the same issues.
  • What to adopt?
  • How much to invest?
  • Time management
  • Limited resources

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting about these issues and offering advice from myself and other industry experts such as Susan Radojevic, Corbin Ball, Adrian Segar and others. For this post, I want you to view a video produced by The Peregrine Agency, a specialist and important force behind Strategic Meeting Management. It stresses that meetings are serious business and must be managed as such in order for the organization to maintain top performance and productivity.


About Steven Herron

Steven is an instigator and proud of it. It is in fact, his title at Hyperdisk Marketing where he handles new business development, social media, account management, and marketing responsibilities. He resists following the crowd and seeks new and innovative solutions to the most difficult marketing challenges. He has over 25 years’ experience driving strategic growth and product visibility for leading nonprofit, corporate, media and digital marketing organizations with heavy emphasis on hospitality vertical. He is highly competitive, passionate, persuasive and articulate; experienced in marketing, public relations, partnership building and product management. Steven has many interests in addition to marketing that include being an Iron Man triathlete, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and IFTA certified Indoor Biking Instructor. He has or is serving on Board of Directors for American Advertising Federation, American Marketing Association, and Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International.


  1. Great post Steven…and thanks for the mention and link to our site!

    My only comment is the reference made that I’m an…’specialist and important force behind Strategic Meeting Management’ (SMM). I am not. I’m an advocate of Event Portfolio Alignment and meetings and events.

    I believe Strategic Meeting Management (as a stand-alone) is an incomplete approach and it sends the wrong message to the Corner Office.

    And here’s why I say that Steven.

    The only function of SMM (and most meeting consolidation and management approaches) is to standardize and consolidate enterprise-wide events within an organization. SMM’s sole purpose is cost reduction, and the primary focus is often heavily weighted to the consolidation of travel and hospitality inputs.

    Although the most visible in terms of spend and activity and the one executives gravitate to when looking for cost efficiencies, inputs are only one of several elements that must be taken into account when proving the straetgic business value of an organization’s event protfolio. Moreover, cost reduction-based meeting management programmes result in cheaper events. And that’s all.

    In the end, programmes like SMM miss the bigger picture: weaving enterprise-wide events, defined objectives (event design) and measurements into the overall business plan to deliver business goals.

    Event Portfolio Alignment incorporates both event effectiveness and event efficiency. This is important to note because it’s the difference between investing in events that unleash people potential and drive organizational productivity and profit and just having cheaper events.

  2. Thanks for the clarification Susan. Obviously you are at the cutting edge of the changing nature of corporate meetings. I would value your input on future posts and invite you to be a guest blogger any time.

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