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I presented to the attendees at the Annual Conference of the Virginia Chapter of Meeting Professionals International in Hampton, Virginia yesterday. The audience consisted of meeting professionals and suppliers. This presentation was designed to address new technologies and innovations available to meeting professionals. I attempted to demonstrate how these can be use to:

  • increase efficiency in event management
  • generate more sponsorships
  • provide additional value to sponsors and exhibitors
  • evaluate options and how to decide what new technologies are appropriate for their events
  • how to find and engage with journalists and editors for gaining exposure for their events
  • how to incorporate their hotel/convention center partners in the event marketing program
Here is the presentation without audio. I will repost this once I get the narrative to go with it. I hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions or would like further assistance on any of the information in the slides, please contact me at

About Steven Herron

Steven is an instigator and proud of it. It is in fact, his title at Hyperdisk Marketing where he handles new business development, social media, account management, and marketing responsibilities. He resists following the crowd and seeks new and innovative solutions to the most difficult marketing challenges. He has over 25 years’ experience driving strategic growth and product visibility for leading nonprofit, corporate, media and digital marketing organizations with heavy emphasis on hospitality vertical. He is highly competitive, passionate, persuasive and articulate; experienced in marketing, public relations, partnership building and product management. Steven has many interests in addition to marketing that include being an Iron Man triathlete, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and IFTA certified Indoor Biking Instructor. He has or is serving on Board of Directors for American Advertising Federation, American Marketing Association, and Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International.

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